Friday 18 October 2013

Blazer Addiction

   Blaze it up with Blazer....!!!

Hello Dolls:

Waz getting bored so thought of going to GK (Greater Kailash) for shopping. Before i make a move was wondering to buy pretty n comfy blazer that can go with my dresses n jeans too. Blazers not only work for winters but look more chic n cool in summers, isn't it ??

I just think that a blazer is the perfect piece of clothing to make your outfit look infintely sexy and stylish.. I still remember in my school days , never like the wearing blazers but as time changes your like changes too  



I believe fashion is all about expressing yourself how colourful person you are. I had blazer in my last winters , it was beige in colour with leaves and flowers all around with move colour and it looked pretty descent . Now for fall , i really got nothing except trench coat or zippers.

What you think which one is looking better in above pictures?

Suggest me guys whether to go for plain or printed blazer...???? Supa confused....??? 

Will wait for your comments n suggestions.

My next post ll be what i shopped finally.... see you latrzz guyz


Maish *_*

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