Wednesday 30 October 2013

Welcome Winters

                            Welcome Winters
Hey Friends,

How you doing?

Weekend over and time to be in action guys. Well the most difficult part in winters is to get up early morning.. biggest task it is, isn't it??

Finally, weather started changing and i can feel cold breeze early morning and in evening. I am one of those who hate winters and feel way too cold. Bad part of winters make you more lazy and you packed with sooo many clothes. 
That's how my skin feel..cracky'

I got super dry skin and early morning when i get up my skin feels blotchy or rough. So, i wash my face with cold water and apply my Lakme Peach Winter moisturiser. Though i apply 6-7 times in a day but still not satisfied

So i tried this homemade simple remedy told by mum and been doing it from last 8 days , obviously satisfied guys...!!!

All you need:
Olive Oil
Method:- Before you going to bed, spare your 20 minutes. Just wash your face with lukewarm water and massage Olive Oil on your face with your finger tips for five minutes. Massage them in round motion and do it daily before you off to bed . Leave it for 10 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water and moisturize with oil base moisturizer

If you don't have Olive Oil then as an option you can use Almond Oil and Coconut Oil together in same quantity and follow the same procedure.

Overall i am gonna follow this for this whole winters.

AND,WATCH YOUR WATER INTAKE.....???????????       
Men -  8 to 10 glasses of water
Women -  6 to 8 glasses of water
Exercising Men - 10 to 14 glasses of water

Exercising Women - 8 to 12 glasses of water

Lactating Women - 7 to 10 glasses of water

Hope this review is informative n helpful


Tuesday 29 October 2013

Reverse your Grey Hair

       Homemade Remedy for Grey Hair

Hey Friends;

Today i am gonna share my secret with you a home remedy to reverse your Grey hair.

This is the biggest problem i got. I got grey hair and i'm so fed up with is problem. Facts says grey hair are caused due to lack of sleep, fooding habits, stress, genetic disorder and bla bla...
Well who knows whats the main problem but this rely pisses me off. It puts you in such a embaraasing situation when your friends tell you, Girl- you got white hair''' ewwww...grrrrr !!!

From last 2 years , i have been using colour- Loreal Dark Brwon without Amonia ... And i wash my hair quite frequently so it doesn't stay for so long. Seroisly, i have really damaged my hairs
So, finally asked my grandma for some home made ready for grey hair and she told me quite amazing and quite simpler ones. And i'm gonna share those with you:-

All you need 



1. Take 4-5 potatoes and peel them.

2. Take a bowl and put those peels in that bowl and add 2 cups of cold water.

3. Put the bowl on simmer flame, bring to a boil and keep it for 5-7 min.

4. Now place the pan away from stove and let it cool

5. Lastly, strain the water and put in a container for daily use.  

Use it as after shampoo rinse on regular basis.

You will notice the change within week only.

Its working for me hope it does for you too. If you try out post a comment and let me know your experience

Monday 28 October 2013

Homemade Rose Water

                                      Homemade Rose Water

Heya Beauties;

Today i am gonna tell you how to make home made rose water. 

Rose Water is a little wonder water. It hydrates, tones, tightens pores, is great for your skin…and smells good. But in times, even when fruits and vegetables are not spared of adulteration it is difficult to trust Rose Water in various brands available in the market .

Well, nothing beats homemade rose water and this is one of the purest form of rose water with benefits.

In short, it is a great Magical liquid

All you need :-

Fresh picked Rose Petals

Distilled Water


1. Take one bowl of fresh picked rose petals, not the stem and leaves. (Guys, before you start the steps, clean the petals thoroughly to remove bugs or any chemical sprayed on them.)


Dipped petals in a pot

2. Now, take a pot and pour those rose petals in that pot. And, add enough distilled water to cover the petals 

3. Now cover the pot with a lid and put on a simmer flame. The water should be steaming hot not the boilng hot.                     

On simmer flame

4. Check the pot after after 15 - 20 min, until the petals have lost their colour and the water has taken on the colour of the rose petals.

5. You will see the rose oil floating on the surface

6. Lastly, strain the rose water in a container and let it cool.
After strain ...that's how it looks like
Hope you follow this homemade rose water and stay rosey rosey..:)

You suggestions n comments are always welcome...!!!


Maisha Sharma

Sunday 27 October 2013

Mom's Dress Day...!!!

                            Mom*s Dress Day

Heloo Dolls:

How you doing? whats your plan for the coming weekend guyz?

Well for me its super buzy schedule. You know its festive season and relatives keep coming in. Infact, the best about this festival is whole city is lighted up. People are so cheerful and happily spending loads of money in shopping and gifts. 

For me, this is the only festival i enjoy pretty much because of shopping, mehendi , eating sweets, burning crackers and more..... uhhhh, i know burning crackers is bad and should avoid but this the main attraction of "" DIWALI"" ...!!!

 As i told you its festive season in India, so i and mum, as tradition were busy cleaning whole home every corner of it . We washed curtains, bed covers, pillow, dusting, lighting our house and more guys.....super tiring work it was for us.

Finally, in the end mum started cleaning her closet and she got many loose T-shirts and XL size dresses which she was dumping it.. So, what i did , got her XL size dress and a matching ribbon, and made it " Dress of the Day".

Take a look,  

Black n White XL size
Black Ribbon
Dress of the day
Try with straight or curly hair

In the end, you can accessorize with bangles and go for curly or straight hair, whateva u feel like
Mix n Match

Now, you all set to chill out with your friends or you can try this dress for a date too.

Lemme know your review guys. And will try best to stay connected and post something creative n useful , but in case if you don't see my blog, pleaseeee don't mind

Thanx for your time

Maisha Sharma



Thursday 24 October 2013

Green Tea - Eye Pack & Cleanser

                                                                            Green Tea - Eye Pack & Cleanser

Hey Girliesss,

Many of us use green tea only for the drinking but did not know that green tea act as the beauty enhancer. Green tea has the detoxifying properties. They detoxify the face and the skin. I never knew that...!!! Green tea is bitter to the taste but it is sweet to the skin

We are always concerned about our eye.. ain't we? Eyes always hold a special place. And really how many problem factors we have for the eyes - dull & tired eyes, dark circles, wrinkles, puffy eyes, crow's feet and many more.

I am sure each one of us would have individual eye-care products to look after our dear eyes. 

I too love pampering my eyes with special products developed for them and hence, picked up this home made Green Tea remedy.

All you need :-

EYE PACK:- 2 Green Tea Bags

                   - 1/2 Boiled Water

Method - Run two green tea bags under hot water and when they have cooled down a bit, place one on each eye for two minutes.

The tanning in tea bags has been proven to reduce swelling and dark circles.


CLEANSER: -  2 Green Tea Bags

                     - 1/2 Boiled Water 

                     -  Liquid Face Wash ( Not in gel or creamy form)

Method - Take 2 green tea bags in a bowl and soak in 1/2 boiled water for 20 seconds. Now, after 20 seconds, cut the bag open and pour the contents into a bowl  full of hot water . You can also add a liquid face wash to mix for some texture. Now, apply evenly, massage and wash

Hope this was helpful . Thank you for reading



Tuesday 22 October 2013

De-stress with Glow pack

                 De-stress with Glow pack


From last few days i am not able to sleep properly and then, my gym schedule my studies all are affecting pretty much. And thats quite obvious guys if you not able to sleep properly your whole next day ruins and so does your work.
 And i got  this habit that i cant sleep in a day time. Just because off all this my face started looking so dull and bad.  

Again, its a big tension when you don't look so beautiful...isn't it ??

So i tried this  home made glow back pack. This pack include natural scrubs and cleansers that can use to exfolaite and de-stress with a  massage.

All you need is :-

- Brown Sugar

- Your everday Moisturiser

- Milk

- Honey
Brown Sugar

Method:-  Take a  bowl, and cut open three sachets of granulated brown sugar into it. Now add a  dash of milk and a  dollop of your everyday moisturizer, along with 2 teaspoon of honey. Now whip it well.
Use the thick mix as a scrub

If you want to store the pack for later days, skip the milk and just save the sugar and moisturiser mix in a container.

I don't see any con of using Brown Sugar ,act as a natural face scrub to exfoliate your face.

Its inexpensive and without any hassles.

If you want soft glowing skin without any spots, then you must try this.

Hope this post was helpful for you.
Thanks for reading. :)


Monday 21 October 2013

Summer in Style

                                     Summer in Style

Holla guyz,,,,

 How was your weekend???

I am still in my relaxing mood and juzt not bothered about monday morning bluess....grrrr. !!! Why monday is so bad and dull day...huh..watevaaa

 I am still enjoying my summer time and had soo much fun this weekend. Last week i went to G.K. (Greater Kailash) for shopping  for winters stuff  but as usual end up buying summer stuff. 
This saturday it was a date day for me so thought to be little casual and sexy using orange colour in my attire.

 I wore Orange colour Plazo Pants which is easily available every were (GK, Janpath, Lajpat Nagar) with  my Black spaghetti top from Escape with orange studded sandals and lastly, accessorizing with heavy chunk piece to make it more stylish.


i guess nail paint is matchin...ummm!!!

   Love this biggy biggy pendant...!!
I love these Flats..So Comfy

   Well it was good day for me and he complimented      too..*_* !!! wowoooo
    Hope you liked

   Maisha Sharma

Saturday 19 October 2013

Quickies to remove Tan...!!!

                                     Few Tips to ban the Tan

Hello again;

Be it winters or summers, tanning has always been a big big problem for our soft and sensitive skin. Best part about winters is that you have the option to hide ur tanned skin part like wearin full sleeves tees or socks but summers  you got no option except using some precaution.
I am slightly tanned in colour because i 'm in the sun a lot . I just cant sit back home though not working but i just can't... would prefer to go in  some coffee shop and carry your lappy and work there or call your friends for a while...aniways where were we;

Anyhow you cant avoid sun and sun tans. I wear strapless tops when i go out and those strap marks was making me so uncomfortable that finally i wrapped stole around my neck . Luckily, i was carrying stole that day. 

I personally feel that home remedy does work and they are ten times much safer than creams or lotions but yea, all you require is little bit time and patience guys . Actually it takes atleast a week for any kind of tan to be taken care of, so lets not waste more time and you can try out these few home  made remedies .


1. All you need is  Gram Flour ( 2 Tb spn), 1 spoon of lime juice , pinch of turmeric powder and 2 spoon of rose water.
 Method:  Just blend all above mixtures ina  bowl to make a paste. If paste is still not thick you can add bit of lemon juice and rose water both. Now, apply the pack on you face  or hands for 10- 12 min and wash it off after it dries. (Lemon act as a bleaching agent , Gram flour helps in removing dead skin)


2. For second remedy you need chilled yogurt and pinch of turmeric powder.
 Method:  Mix above ingredients in a  bowl and apply this paste for 10-15 min .and wash it off with cold water. (Yogurt cools the skin as well as reduces redness and tighten the pores  and Turmeric helps to lighten the skin)

3. Another way to treat your tanned skin , you need oatmeal powder and buttermilk.
 Method: Mix Oatmeal (2 spoon) and buttermilk (amount of buttermilk require to make it a thick paste) in a bowl to make a thick paste. Apply this mixture on tanned areas for 15 min and wash it off with cold water.( Oats exfoliate the skin and buttermilk will soothe the skin)  

You can try these remedy without giving any harm to your skin and believe me guys, if you follow it thoroughly doing 4 -5  times in a week you will see the difference yourself.

Try and let me know how well it works for you...!!!


Friday 18 October 2013

Review of Johnson's Baby Oil

          Johnson's Baby Oil Aloe Vera Review

Wazzup Gurliess :

Today i'm gonna review about Johnson Aloe Vera Baby Oil. I actually got dry skin and for such skin type you really require non harsh and non greasy oil. 
I am from Delhi and it's still hot in here and in summers ,i prefr to slip in my tank top and shorts. And obviously if you wearing shorts then you have to have sexi and hot legs...*_*
           So i thought , thou tried many body lotions and olive oil too why not to give it a shot. Guys, its been 3 weeks and i am using it on daily basis and kinda liked it.


After applying on my skin

It costs  210 INR for 300 ml and looks like this.


I like the bottle and its transparent so easy to know how much is left

2. Has mild and soothing fragrance.

3. Its quite affordable as compare to other lotions available.

4. It work wonders not only on babies, work on an adults skin too.

5. Its non- greasy .


1. Wish bottle could be little lighter to carry in your bag.

2. I got very dry skin so it dosen't stick to my body for so long.

Rating: 4

As if now i am satisfied with this products and its working pretty well on me but i apply it twice thats my concern.
This oil don;t contain any harsh ingredient so its suitable for sensitive skin . I am trying applying t as a moisturiser after just getting out of the bath and i can testify that it does work very well and keeping it soft and supple all day

People who got dry skin for them i can surely recommend this.

Hope this review is helpful for you.

Leave a  comment guys and lemme know what skin type you got and what you use because i am still looking for a bettr one.

Hugs n kisses

Blazer Addiction

   Blaze it up with Blazer....!!!

Hello Dolls:

Waz getting bored so thought of going to GK (Greater Kailash) for shopping. Before i make a move was wondering to buy pretty n comfy blazer that can go with my dresses n jeans too. Blazers not only work for winters but look more chic n cool in summers, isn't it ??

I just think that a blazer is the perfect piece of clothing to make your outfit look infintely sexy and stylish.. I still remember in my school days , never like the wearing blazers but as time changes your like changes too  



I believe fashion is all about expressing yourself how colourful person you are. I had blazer in my last winters , it was beige in colour with leaves and flowers all around with move colour and it looked pretty descent . Now for fall , i really got nothing except trench coat or zippers.

What you think which one is looking better in above pictures?

Suggest me guys whether to go for plain or printed blazer...???? Supa confused....??? 

Will wait for your comments n suggestions.

My next post ll be what i shopped finally.... see you latrzz guyz


Maish *_*

Wednesday 16 October 2013

How to Get rid of Black Armpit

Wass up Guyz...!!!

Watz hapninng..!!! I love Autumn season in fact its more pleasant and better than winters and summers.

But over winters i prefer Summers bout u guys?

I am purely gym-a-holic gal and its usual to wear tank tops or spaghetti in gym but what-if- your armpit is bit noooo

That  is so weird guyz...  Infact i use razors by Satin Care and thats perfectly fine. But these regular shavings make armpit little dark

Quite safer & simpler to use everyday
I shave regularly guys because i wear sleeve less tops more but it has rely made my armpit so bad in colour and freaky too.

The day i started this home made remedy told by mum , tried and tested for few days and quickly thought of sharing it with you...All you need is Potato to whiten your underarm.


Scrub  the thin slice of potato on affected area  or you can also make the juice out from potato and apply to the area and let it dry. And yea its juz not irritating  to your skin so after 5 to 7 mins wash it off with a spalsh of lukewarm water .

Do it for 3 or 4 times in a week guyz for better result. I have made it as a part of rotuine work because i cant avoid shaving.

Hope this review is helpful for you

Please leav a comment and let me know what you do to make your armpit white.



Home Remedy for White Teeth

Hey galz;

How you doing?

This time i have come up with another major part of our body which we don't follow or take precaution is TEETH

Seriously its so yuck yuck and weird when we see our teeths turning yellow. Its so fuuny that you cant even laugh or smile
I drink soo much of coffee and tea and on daily basis that i cant avoid these for sure but it got yellowish colour on muh teeths :(

All you need to get your super big smile is:

1.Bananna Peel


2. Olive Oil and cotton ball

Next time when you or anybody in your family eat bannana , just dont throw its skin.

Seroisly guys you must try this. I dint believed till i tried myself. So I try at first and then post for you guys without any second thought.

I personally dont like bannana infact cant even take that smell....ewwww

What you need to do is rub the inside peel on your teeth for two minutes twice a day and rinse well.


Another safe method is Olive Oil. Take cotton ball dipped in olive oil and apply to your teeth for two or three minutes before you brush your teeth in the morning

Try them doing three times in a week and you ll see the biggy biggy difference.

I am too doing every alternate day without avoiding my cold coffee or tea and sooo happy and satisfied with this safer remedy.

BE CAREFUL: Guys if you using Baking Soda as a white teethner remedy than it got a side effect too. So make sure use an effective and safer method.
Baking soda is slightly abrasive to the teeth's enamel , and if used repeatedly it can weaken the enamel.

Stay Safe... Stay Healthy...!!!

Would love too see your comments