Tuesday 15 October 2013

Home Remedy for Crack feet

Hey Friends !!!!

Being subtle and stylish woman in today's world and age makes ton of things to worry. Regardless how much makeup you wear on daily basis or how often u get your hair colored is a matter of concern and search could be exhausting too..
Everyone requires a little help or knowledge in these areas.
              So frenz, got some ways and tips to keep yourself  fit and stylish and thses are tried and tested tips. So just relax and try them for sure an you 'll see the results.

Today i am going to talk about very regular problem which we tend to ignore and i.e.                                                                           
                  **CRACK FEETS**.

It can  really embarrass us publicly. So its very important to take care of our feets. Mostly feets are cracked in winters and are caused due to dry skin.

Many creams are available in the market but whats the point of spending. i am kinda girl who loves to save and shop so why to spend when  best and cheapest home made remedies still exists..
The best and easiest available option is VEGETABLE OIL. 

We all do little bit of cooking though i dont do much but we can easily find it in everyones kitchen.

All you need is luke warm water , pumice stone, pair of socks and vegetable oil:

1. Dip your feets in a luke warm water for 5-7 mins. and scrub them using pumice stome  after dipping it for few minutes.

2. Once you are done scrubbing apply good amount of vegetable oil to the cracked areas of your feet.

3. Lastly,  put a clean pair of socks on and let the oil set in overnight so it removes dead skin from your cracked skin.

Just follow these above steps thrice in a week galz and then you dont have to get embarrass in front of your boyfriends or publicly.


Hope you like it...!!!


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