Tuesday 31 March 2015


                  Stop Yanking on your HAIR - girls

Hello everyone;
How are you??

 Today I'm gonna talk about hairs. The problem which we face on everyday basis, How to dectangle those nasty, huge knots that are almost nearly impossible to get around. When you stumble upon these foes, don't yank and pull at them with your comb, instead take your fingers and slowly comb through your hair to finger those knots out...  


But if its really bad, spritz it with a little bit of water . I like to dectangle while I'm conditioning which helps make the process 10x easier.This little and basic tip will help reduce hair breakage and help you keep a full, beautiful head of hair Girls..

Hope you like this quick and ssimple tip to save your hair. Will soon come up with a new tip, till then Be Stylish.... Be Beautiful


Thursday 26 March 2015

Most Awaited Moment

    Most Awaited Moment of Life

Helloo my cupcakes,

How are you??

i know i know what you all must be saying - where am i lost??? huh ..... 'I GOT MARRIED friendz;)

Just wanted to surprise you my friends. I got married on 3rd December, 2014 ..
But i really missed my blogging and y'all ..You know how indian marriages preparation goes on Atleast 2 or 3 months before the fixed date, people start shopping, on and off relatives keep coming and going, start sending invitations and many more and more ritualsss. But actually it's fun .. you feel special and pampered ... you shop a lot... heheh..that;s the best part actually...isn;t it??

And once you married then start meeting boy's relatives....grrrr.....so so many dinners and lunches and then you start putting on weight...huhhhh.;( gosh but now finally i am back on track .. No more miss and hiss.

Let me show you few pictures of my wedding girliess... Thus want your blessful wishes and your love girls..



Well they are just few pictures to show you how i was looking. Hope you like it.
And yes i am back, so you follow me and i follow you back..till then Be Stylish...Be Beautiful

Keep in touch lovely ladies