Sunday, 27 April 2014

DIY - Home Remedy for Dark Elbows

DIY - Home Remedy for Dark Elbows

Hey Dolls;

How'z you?How was your weekend time?
Mine was superb..Been to pool party this weekend. That's the best part about summers. You wear shorts or short skirts, dresses, sarongs, skater dresses and so onnnn..number of options ready to wear in summers. NO BOUNDATION....!!!!

You pamper your body more in summers... But still we tend to ignore few body parts like feets, knees and elbows. So today i have come up with few home remedy tips to take care of your DARK ELBOWS... 

1. LIME JUICE:   Lemon Juice contains citric acid which is a natural bleaching agent. Therefore, applying lemon juice to the elbows can help to lighten the skin.. Leave the juice on for fiften minutes and then wash off.

2. MILK & BAKING SODA:- This remedy helps to lighten the elbows as milk contains lactic acid which reduces skin pigmentation., while the baking soda exfoliate dead skin cells. In a small bowl, take enough milk to turn the baking soda into a thick paste. Apply this mixture and gently scrub it in a circular motion.

3. GRAM FLOUR & LEMON JUICE:-  Take a two teaspoonful of gram flour and add half a teaspoonful of lemon juice in it. Make a paste and then apply over elbow. Leave it for fifteen minutes and then wash with plain water.

4. MUSTARD OIL:-  Mustard oil is anti-bacterial and rich in vitamin A,B and E. These vitamin are vital for skin regeneration by eliminating dead skin cells and restoring the natural color of the skin. Massage mustard oil on your elbow for ten to fifteen minutes or as long as you feel the oil is absorbed by the skin.

5. COCONUT OIL & LIME JUICE:-  Coconut oil is used in skin soothing treatment.. In a bowl take a teaspoonful of coconut oil and half a teaspoonful of lime juice. Make a lotion of it and apply over dark areas of elbow for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash off with plain water.

All these remedies may take some time to heal despite you use them twice or thrice a week. These remedies have long lasting desired changes on your skin, if tried genuinely and they do not have side effects.

Maisha Sharma 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Time Talks

                           Time Talks


Howdy everyone there?
I just got my another beautiful watch from Born Pretty Store. This one, i was waiting from so long and finally my wait is over.
You must be wondering what is so special about this watch,..well well, i liked the dial and few rhinestones fitted there and pretty much simple.. looks dam classy

Check out here, its a couple watch but i ordered big male watch because i am very much fond of big dials.

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Maisha Sharma


Friday, 18 April 2014

East or West - DresSale is the Best

Spring Shoe Collection by  DresSale for all  kind of Dresses

Heylo sweets;

What are your plans for weekend? 
My weekend says i am in a mood to shop. Soon i'll be hitting to market. No wonder, summers really make you lazy, it so sunny outside. 

So i was checking DresSale website online, as the name says so was checking there dresses. And and, there New Spring Collection Shoes. I was really amazed to see the prints. They are so attractive and hard to resist. Goshhh, if you not checking then you surely missing something. 

I like this lacy peep toe paltform pumps. This is must for every wardrobe, no matter what color of dress you wearing. This can go with every color and work wonders for day time. I am gonna go for this. 

Lace Peep Toe Platform stiletto Pumps

      You will be stunned to see this pair. Man, no more shopping for me.. I am gonna save my money for this. I really really loved it. The color is so attractive and best for springs. One word for this PERFECTO.
Rhinestone and studs all over the shoe, making it shiny and sparkling.  This Rhinestone and Stud peep toe stiletto works superbly well for partying or for occassion.              
I am in love with light shiny move color stilettos. Color is so soothing and doesn't go out of fashion. It's must for your shoe collection. I wish i could buy this immediately, size suits me well too and the lilac color is the perfect match for every mood. I got all the colors in shoe collection, but this one missing.

Faux Suede Low Platform Pumps with Peep Toe (size is smaller)

   After checking out next option, i am sure your search for wedding shoes will be over. Same thing happened with me. Soon i am gonna order for these shoes. These, Ultra- exquisite Sequined Peep Toe Pump (size is smaller) are peach in color and sequins all over. It's perfect for wedding. So shiny and glittery.
Ultra-exquisite Sequined Peep Toe Pump (size is smaller)

 This colorful Pretty Pointy Peep Toe Stiletto matches well with the season. This shoe got all the colors, and this is bit unique. I haven't seen such pretty colorful floral prints before. It's so trendy and cool to wear for day time brunches. I believe this again must be in your collection as it matches with any kind and any color of dress.

Pretty Pointy Stiletto Pumps with Colorful Pattern

 Girls, who love pink color the most, i think it's must for them. This dramatic pointy toe stiletto heel pumps is so edgy and chic. loving the floral pattern on both the sides and it's pointy style making the look more stylish. It works well with your evening and day wear. Gives you more of royal look.
Dramatic Pointy Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps

Watch out for this stylish and  Tempting Pointy Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps with Colorful pattern? Pretty much tempting they;). This gives me more of flirty look. They are very much girly. Words actually can't describe this beautiful pair,. check yourself

                                Tempting Pointy Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps with Colorful Pattern

Last but not the least,this Adorable Pointy Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps with Colorful Pattern, is unmatcheable to any other shoes because of its most colorful look, floral pattern and catty walk. Rest, form your own opinion

                            Adorable Pointy Toe Stiletto Heel Pumps with Colorful Pattern

So, what you have to say about these pairs? I know, very much hard to resist. So why to waste money anywhere else, immediately click on and check out there Spring Shoe collection.
They offering super discounts.

Hope you like it.

Maisha Sharma


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spring brings Fun ..!!!

Get-Together with Family & Couzins

Hey cutie pies,
How you'all?

This weekend my cousins came from London, they staying in Brighton and we had wonderful time after so long. They came to India after ten years. So you can imagine the excitement and curiosity. So we all decided to catch up at Ashoka Hotel for lunch. 

I was counting minutes when will i get to see to my cousins and there little ones. They all elder to me and married. Now, the biggest challenge is WHAT-TO-WEAR...?? This question always troubles no matter i got 2 almirah for my clothes. 

So finally after 20 minutes of thought i decided to pick my Vero Moda spring collection 2014 cotton tunic. I got this dress 2 weeks back from there Spring Collection. I like the print and the color that attracted me. Two brand are my all time favorite - Zara & Vero Moda.

Dress - Vero Moda & Sandals - Kala Niketa

The Print is summery and color too..

I randomly picked up this light brown color wedge...

My cousin and his little one.. Most naughtiest amongst  their three children

Everyone busy cliking pictures.. We met after soooo long.. so saving memorable moments

She's the second one 'Molly'... Cutest and adorable

I was so much enjoying with these little kids.. they actually ate my head

In the end, how can i forget my pictures.. We did silly photo shoot with sis.. was just cliking our pictures.



   Hope you like my dress?? And had wonderful blessful weekend... How was your's? What did you do on you on weekend?

Maisha Sharma

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Junction for Conventional dresses - 'DresSale'

Junction for Conventional dresses -'DresSale'

Hi dolls,

Well we are pretty much aware with this name, "Dressale". One of the most popular online shopping site for women. It is one site which offers you customer made wedding dress, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes and other women dressing. Best part is prices are very much reasonable and eye catching discounts for wedding dresses.. I mean if you go and buy same dress from mall or a shop, that would cost you double the price.

I really like their clothing and personally, i have chosen few dresses that suits me according to occasion like evening wear or formal gathering wear or with friends.

Let me leave with you my choice and their collection:-


LBD is must in your wardrobe.. This can work as your evening wear or for a event. This short little black dress works very well in everywhere.

                   A line cocktail dress                                                                            Kingly peep stiletto with Hollow out upper      

          Second dress, i liked it very well because of attractive color and collar neck.. Simple and attractive which works perfectly well with shimmery high heel stiletto. This dress works very well for me on the occasion like cocktail or birthday party. I am in love with this dress
Dark Navy Tafetta cocktail dress with Jewel neckline                                         Silver Peep toe pump with sequins     

               Third dress, as you can see it very basic and casual wear. I love white color and belt added making it more sexy and chic. I can try this dress with friends or family gathering . Again, it's must dress for summers.                                                                         
White Chiffon Sheath Cocktail dress                                                      Satin pure color peep toe stiletto      

    I chose this basic color dress, really like this soothing color.No wonder , Dressale got numerous options for dresses, i can bet hard to resist such wonderful and elegant dresses. Sometimes, you can't wear always deep neck line dresses . So, i chose this dress with stylish spikey stiletto.

Vintage Column Graduation Dress with Belt                                             Rivet Embellished  Sheepskin stiletto    

   Next two dresses are party dresses. I love them because of color and work. I am not one those who like very heavy and glittery work.

Pink Chiffon dress with one long sleeve                                                    Slingback Stiletto with sequins  


 One-Shoulder Red strap mini dress                                                                            Monochrome Stiletto with Ankle buckle  

                       So what you have to say about DresSale site. I am definitely gonna buy dress for myself, because summers are here in India and i am very much fond of dresses. 
Hope you like my choice?                                                                       



Friday, 4 April 2014

Essential Oils Essential for skin

              Oils for Flawless Skin


How you doing friends..?? 
How many of us know pretty well about essential oils? Despite the many benefits, plenty of women are hesitant about applying them to their skin. They are incredibly effective at treating wide range of skin problems from hyper pigmentation to stretch marks and acne.

Here's list of few popular oils to get you acquainted:-

TEA TREE OIL:  Gets rid of acne
This is one of the best and natural oil to get rid of acne, as it has dis infecting and soothing properties. Unlike other acne oils or creams, tea tree oil will not strip your skin of it's natural oils or cause breakouts.

BLACKCURRANT SEED OIL: Aids in skin repair
If you ever've had laser treatment done or damaged skin, must go for this oil. It is reparative, rich in fatty acids. It contains high percentage of Omega 3 and 6, which repair tissue damage, healing scars. Its regular use reduces premature wrinkle formation.

GRAPE SEED OIL: Helpful for oily skin
Grape seed oil is just what it sounds like, extracted from seeds of grapes. It helps regulate your natural oil production. It has astringent qualities that helps tighten the skin and close up the pores. Grape seed oil applied daily for few weeks, can relieve dark circles naturally.

ARGAN OIL: Combats aging
Often called liquid gold, this rare and expensive Moroccan oil, contains high levels of vitamin E, fatty acids and helps with anti-aging. It reduces wrinkles by restoring the skin's hydro-lipid layer.  It is a natural moisturizer. It gives you younger-looking skin, argan is useful against ailments like chickenpox, psoriasis, eczema and stretch marks.

MARULA OIL: Multifunctional
It is commonly known as Africa's Miracle oil. It has a high concentration of oleic acid - essintial fatty acid that our body produce naturally - so it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. If you stay outdoors for long periods and have dull skin, this is an ideal oil for you. It also has anti-aging properties.

CHAMOMILE OIL: Reduces redness in sensitive skin
This oil has been used throughout history for multiple uses. If you have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to redness and irritation, this is the oil for you. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibiotic, disinfectant, bactericidal and vermifuge properties that will do wonders for your skin. Got many many reasons to use chamomile oil from bruises to menopause.


The method of applying is equally important as the formula itself.
@Apply the oil after the skin is freshly cleansed.
@Take two-three drops of the oil on your fingertips, rub them lightly and dab the oil on your cheeks, forehead and chin. Just massage it gently.
@If you want to use sunscreen, apply the oil first, wait for three minutes and then apply your sunscreen or regular make up. 

Hope you find this blog useful and helpful...something i am unaware, plz share.. i'll appreciate. 

Maisha Sharma