Sunday, 14 June 2015

Home Remedy for FRECKLES


Hi Girlies,

How you doing and how'z your weekend going? I am having my best weekend so far because my husband is in the kitchen. He's cuming up with Mushroom tikkas, Chicken kabab, Egg rolls.. I am so much excited to try them... It feels good when your love is cooking but it sucks when you see your kitchen totally messed up...urggghhhhhhhhhhh


Well today i would like to share my few tips for FRECKLES. I don't have them on my face but got both sides of my arms. Finally after trying all the lotions and night creams the result is not expected as i wanted. I absolutely believe in home made treatments than chemical creams or serums or any expensive cream  because they 're no good and in the end you'll be disappointed. Try these few tips every alternate day for 15 to 20 minutes and you will see the results without any side effects. 

1. STRAWBERRY :-  Strawberry is one the best ways to get rid freckles. They have lot of citric acid in them, which is proven to help fade freckles.  All you need to do 
is mash few strawberries in a mixer and apply that pulp on the affected area for 10 mins and then wash.

2. TOMATO & LEMON JUICE  :-  This method is also
super effective for freckles. They both contain vitamin C
 which helps to fade to freckles and they got bleaching 
property to reduce pigmentation levels of the freckles.
All you need is tomato pulp and few drops of lemon juice . Apply this mixture for 15 mins and wash off. This will 
itch you a bit as it says no pain no gain.

3. ALMOND OIL :- Almond Oil is widely used for skin 
lightening. This ingredient not only avoid freckles but 
also prevent wrinkles. All you need to do is to burn the oil 
on a light flame and then massage the oil in to the 
affected area for 15 to 20 mins. Do this before you  trot 
to the bed.

Try these simple magical tips for flawless freckles ...And 
you 'll see the sure shot result within 1 month if you do it 

Do try and let me know the results.Till then Be Stylish...Be Beautiful


Monday, 1 June 2015

Party All Night


Heloo Sugar;

How you doing their?

When you don't blog for sometime you actually feel that something big is missing and  last two weeks had been very busy because of fun and cool plans. This last weekend i was partying all night in the most happening club of the capital and, last to last weekend i was travelling  to Mumbai with my husband for 2 days for some official work and then very next day we went to other city for some spiritual reason.

Though it was quite tiry but then back to back travelling was fun at same time, all because of HIM ... Anyway lemme share my party pictures with you. I had great fun with my hubby, sis-in-law and few more friends.

That's ME... Rem: in my last blog i mentioned  about this top 

Wearing Shiny Silver Spaghetti with High Waist Black Skirt with Silver Ballerinas 

That's my sis-in-law@ aeeeeeeee

ME again...!!!posing@hehhehe

Selfie Time@ME, Hubby, Sis-in-law

Hope you like it?
Any suggestion or tips for party dress or make up, always welcome...till then Be Stylish...Be Beautiful