Sunday 22 December 2013

DIY - Lip Balm

                     DIY - Home Made Lip Balm 

Hey Gals,

How's sunday treating you?? 

Sunday is the only day to pamper yourself...isn't it.. at least for working women
We girls got so many things to take care of, for instance hair, eyes, skin, clothes....  goshhhh makes you crazy at time.  But we tend to ignore our Lips .

Our sexy and soft lips makes smile more beautiful , and lips are the most best feature of our face. Winters really make everything dull and  itchy. No matter how much you spend on lotions or creams or lip balms , they are no good. Nothing beats home made remedies which are 100% more effective, healthy and cheap.

So all you need is: 

1, Vaseline
2. Vitamin E Capsules
3. Beetroot juice
4. Small cylindrical tube or handy box

Method:-  Take a pan on a simmer flame and pour Vaseline on it.. allow it to melt..After jelly gets melted, add 2 capsules of Vitamin E and 1 teaspoon of Beetroot juice ( for Pinkish color) or you can add pinch Cocoa Powder (for Brown Color tint), well i used juice. Stir the mixture well till the ingredients blend well and then, immediately turn of the flame . Lastly, pour the mixture in small box or container and allow it to cool or freeze. Home made lip balm is ready to use....!!!!

Thats's how it looks like ...

Color looks perfect ... For boys, they can add coco powder for brown color.

Apply it everyday whenever you think your lips are dry. Naturally it will make them pink and soft. 

Tip:- Avoid licking your lips, it make them more worse. When you lick, you licking natural oils out of the skin of your lips and that evaporates drying out of the skin.

Hope this work for you in winters.;)) 


Friday 20 December 2013

How to fix broken Make Up products - MASCARA

             What If, Mascara dries out???

Hey girls,

Every girl loves make up and these days make up products are much costly than your clothes..actually it is..!!!

I had seen may people throwing there make up products, thou they are in good condition instances like lip stick is broken or nail paint goes thick and many more. Frankly, i cant afford so much for my cosmetics. 
Why to waste money unnecessarily guys, when you just need to put little extra effort to get it correct. 

A month back i got mascara (Maybelline) and now only after a month use. i can't use it smoothly. I believe because of winters they dry out fast. Well, obviously i am not gonna dump it for sure so all you need is :

Warm Water in a Cup

dip your tube in luke warm water

 Dip your mascara tube in luke warm water and keep it for 5 - 10 minutes. Now, twist open to use liquid smooth mascara.


It's quite effective guys and it now it works so well and perfect. 

I guess whether you but Maybelline or Chanel or Chambor products, they all got the same problem of drying out so fast. Aniways, what do you do when your mascara dries out? Any better suggestion ??

Hope this helpful...!!!!


Sunday 15 December 2013

AVON Naturals Body Lotion Review

                        AVON Naturals Body Lotion


As i mentioned in my last post that weather is kinda changing in our country India (Delhi) ,and breeze is more pleasant and in evening temperature drops down. 
My skin is super super dry and i need something on body for winters. I was using Johnson Aloe Vera Oil but thought i should go for some change. My mum has took a membership for this AVON company and i told her to order one Body Lotion and other one,  Hand lotion. 

I can't stay without Lotion or Oil,  so finally after a week i got my order. My order was:

1. Cucumber & Melon hand and body lotion
2.Milk & Honey Hand Cream

This what the Bottle look like.. Cucumber & Melon , and Milk & Honey hand lotion

Price for Cucumber & Melon Lotion is INR 150 for 200 ml and for Milk & Honey lotion INR 99 for 50 ml

                  I liked it very much because Body Lotion (Cucumber & Melon Body lotion) , it smells so great and fresh.  All i felt Cucumber on my whole body and , after one time application you don't feel like applying again.

                            This what Milk & Honey hand lotion looks like...quite handy


                                                              Quite thick cream.. 

Pros:  -

1. I like the packaging and quite handy.

2. Quite affordable as compared to other lotions available in the market.

3. Has a soothing and refreshing fragrance which keeps you fresh for whole day.

4. After one time application no need to apply gain.


1. Not available everywhere or all cosmetics shop.

2. Quantity wise i am not satisfied.

Rating: - 4

I am satisfied with this product though tried out for the first time. For my super dry skin it was perfect and made it more smooth. Every person has different type of skin, for dry people it works out.

What matters that the customer or client should be happy and satisfied , price doesn't matter when it comes to your skin..

I recommend personally for dry skin, till then STAY STYLISH..STAY BEAUTIFUL

Hope this review is helpful.

Please leave a comment and let me know what kind a skin tone you got and what Body lotion you prefer?



Thursday 12 December 2013

Cover up with OOMPHHH

                    Cover up with OOMPHH

Heylo Dolls;

Today's topic reminds me of my school days. I still remember when we use to enter our school premises we use to pull down our socks. HATE WEARING LONG SOCKS ... goshhhh ... never liked them

Fashion keeps changing and repeating. All i believe is BE STYLISH...BE BEAUTIFUL... no matter what season , we ain't compromising. 

Mostly we avoid wearing short skirts and minis, dresses in winters because of BORING BLACK STOCKINGS. I personally never liked them so always preferred bare legs.

Now a days so much beautiful colors are availble in stockings , all you need to do get those Fruity shades, Neons (these colors are not only reserved for summers), Watermelon Pink
 or Canary yellow and get set go...


Anything or Everything with colorful Stockings

Spunk up your colorful stockings with right kinda accessory to get that sexy look...\

Leopard print are always in weather they are stockings, blazers, leggings or blouse... isn't it???

now that's amazing..Tattoo stocking ...TATTOOS YOUR MOM WONT GET MAD ABOUT..;)


I am gonna try  Pink stocking with my skater skirt, TIME TO PLAY WITH COLORS'''' 
Lemme know what color you would go for and with what  dress? I'll be more excited to see your pictures with new style..;)

Hope you like it..;)


Monday 9 December 2013

Home Remedy for Long Eye Lashes

  Home Remedy for Long EYE LASHES

Hello Beauties;

Today's topic is about how to grow your lashes long. 

Eyes look more prettier and sexier with long eye lashes and surely it attracts MEN too ...*_*

It reminds me a song too,"YOUR EYE DON'T LIE by David Archuleta" .. Bit old song but still one of muh favourite.. Aniways, where were we ???

Whether the girl is from Paris or Patiala (city in India) or from Ludhiana (city in India) or Louisiana, some blessed women have long beautiful eye lashes and many of us crave for them, WELL I AM ONE OF THEM FOR SURE.

I really don't have much longer lashes and to look sexy i was using Dupilicate Eye Lashes, but u know what its not good to apply them all the time. We harming our eyes.

BETTER and BEST way to get those long lashes and without using any harmful chemicals on eyes , all you need is VASELINE.

 Method:- Every night before you hit the bed, just apply vaseline on your upper and lower lashes. Apply gently and soft but don't rub much . If it enters in your eye, don't panic because it does not irritate or itch et all.  Continue this method for few months guys, and you will notice increase in number of lashes as well as in length.

I have started doing the same and its been two months and in such a short span of time there is tremendous result. I don't get to see any fall lashes on my make up remover wipes.





Sunday 8 December 2013

Checks - IN Checks - OUT

                         Check - Mates

Hey Hey....!!!!

My topic speaks everything what i am gonna talk about...

CHECKS pattern is never outdated design. I guess everyone in there wardrobe surely gonna have something in CHECKS may be its dress or bag or shoes .... If i remember i got one dress and one white n black checks bag.

FASHION is just vicious circle .. and i totally agree because what fashion was in late 70's or 80's, its all repetitive e.g. Bootleg pants, Hipsters, Big Buns, Front Fringes hair style and so on..  CHECKS pattern can never go dull and boring. Infact they are not restricted to only clothing but looks classy in shoes, bags, hair accessiories too..   

After researching a looot about CHECKS design, i guess this design looks great and would work in WINTERS too. Few ways to try this design :-

  1. COATS/ BLAZERS:- I love checks in coats because they look great and if its the basic white and black color check coats then would go with all the outfits.

Basic Black n White ...Looks Killer

'A' line Trench Coat... 

Grey n White Blazer - Can go with skirts and party dresses too

    2.SKIRTS /DRESSES:- Pattern dresses makes figure more CURVY.

Look stunning with High Heels and if tried with some basic white top, then you ready for your wonder lunch date

This Colorful Check skirts looks sexy and chic- can be tried with cute Ballerinas or Boots

Love this dress.. PERFECT FOR WEEKEND BRUNCH... and can be tried with colorful WAIST belt with colorful sandals for more Trendy look.

   3.SHIRTS/ LEGGINGS:- It can go for your FORMAL wear or for TOMBOYISH  looks.

                                     eady to ROCK-N-ROLL

                                Blue Pattern Checks - looks Trendy n Classy

                This CHECKS Shirt can go for your Formal or Casual wear or with skirt too

   4.ACCESSORIZE:- Last but not the least, can be used in other ways like,

So, what you have to say about this design ?????  I think this pattern can never be FADE.  It looks great and classy if worn in a right way 


These Blogs just the way of expressing ourselves. I write them because i like writing and sometimes my ways or my ideas can help others in term of FASHION or i can get the ideas from you. Infact when i comment on your blogs , definitely i learn something out of you. 

THANX for accepting my ideas and being part of my life...;)



Tuesday 3 December 2013

Goodbye to DRY LIPS

                        Goodbye to DRY LIPS


Wassup with you guyz?

Apology guyz ...!!! couldnt get enough time to blog from last few weeks because was super busy with job search n interviews and lost internet connection..;(( .... was such a rough time guyz ...!!! Well now i back in action .....bummburhmmmmm

Well, this time i have come up with this irritating, dryness and weird problem of DRY LIPS. Moment weather start changing our body start behaving differently We all face this dryness chappy lips... And then, when you apply lipstick on those chappy broken lips your lipestick comes off and it looks patchy too.. Then your any dam costly cosmetic won't work ... and it happens 

Each one wants soft  n sexy lips.. 

These days there nothing which you can;t buy or get. So many options are availble that actually it confuses too... SO WHAY TO WASTE MONEY WHEN THINGS OR QUICK'Y WAYS ARE AVAILABLE AT HOME

All you need is :

  • COCONUT OIL :- Rub little bit of coconut oil on your lips everyday once you get out of the shower each morning and night. Lips will absorb that oil and in no time will make them soft.

  • PETROLEUM JELLY :-   This is the another easiest and chemical free product , apply it on your lips and leave it for 15 mins and then wipe it off.

  • COCOA BUTTER :- It help to moisturize the lips and also reduces discoloration. Apply for 15 minutes and then wipe it off with clean soft cloth.

I have been using this remedy since ages and they 100 % work with no harm, infact make them more PINKY PINK ... *_*

TIP :- We all love Coffee and Tea in winters but you know what guyz, caffeine is dehydrating. So its better to skip caffeinated drinks and opt for herbal teas which are more better for skin and healthy too.

Any suggestions or comments, most welcome...MISSED YOU GUYZ...!!!