Monday, 11 November 2013

Home Remedy for Shoe Bite

                           Home Remedy for Shoe Bite

Hello Dolls,

Today home remedy is very common and i am sure being faced by everyone, SHOE - BITE .... !!!

I know how does that feel when you buy your awsum pair of shoes and you just not comfortable wearing and they leave you with terrible marks on your lower calves , and that look so awful .

Every time you hiding those marks with Bandaid or white tape , infact have seen people applying make up on there feets...Yup, thats true applying face foundation.

Well i am lucky here because of my grand mum. No wonder, we don't listen our elders but when we grow up later we realise there values and there scoldings. 

Feets equally require time and care to look beautiful and soft, guys

It really looks so ugly and weird when you going to buy new pair of sandals and your feet is full of marks...ewww... untolerable !!!

I always and always keep in my mind to apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly inside the areas of the footwear where you know it might give you a bite, it will smoothen the poky edges in the shoe . I am following this remedy from last 7 or 8 years or , you can use Coconut Oil for that purpose too.

Apply jelly in small quantity inside the shoes and leave it over night ..... Before wearing them,  just wipe it off with the help of cotton ball or piece of cloth

Coconut oil also soothens the poky edges of footwear

 Tip;- Don't apply band-aid or white-tape on burns or rashes, apply coconut oil/ almond oil/ anitseptic cream or vaseline. They are more effective and fades away those marks

 Hope this is useful for you....!!!!!



Friday, 8 November 2013

Corset Woman

                       CORSET WOMAN

Heylo Dolls,

Wassup with you guyz?

Weekend is on the way guys, so wats the plan? Well i am not a planner so mostly decide my plans on the spot. But for sure will be going for super fun party this time.. Can't sit back home....aeeeee.... i juzt can't

Now, most important thing that is required for party is DRESS .. huhh... though not working and i cant afford to spent another 2 grants for one nite.. NO WAYS ....and while i was cleaning my wardrobe, and what i got my old CORSET.. 

Sorry guys couldn't click a pic but definitely i am gonna upload few pixz. Actually, not ioned and not even  washed.

So, if you also unsure what to wear for coming weekend party, then dig you wardrobe trash, use your corset in a right way to create sexy outfit. Few styles of using corset are below:-

1.  Tights/ Leggings
You can use different color  for leggings

2.  Long / Short Skirt

Try with flowy short or long slit skirt or with sarong for sassy style

3. Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt will give you more curvy figure ... add oomph to itt !!!

4. Shorts

Simple n sexy way ...  !!! i like ittt

5. Over the Shirt

 Try over the shirt ... Can be use for formal wear

Tip:- You can use hoop earrings and sum bangles or bracelet for chic look.

Which style you prefer . Leave your comments and let me know


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Home Remedies for Dandruff

                  Home Remedies for Dandruff

Hey Girls,

Today i am gonna talk about very common problem that all of us have faced some time or other in our life 

Grrrrrrr ................

Well its suxz guys, really make you publicly embarrass or you avoid wearing sum thing black and that pisses.
Dandruff not only leads to patchy scalp it also leads hair fall, grey hair & sticky scalp too .

It is another very important part of our regime to keep our hair clean & tidy to avoid such problems. There are many brands available to treat dandruff guys, but trust me nothing works. I got dandruff and used many mild dandruff shampoos, gel, creams but its merely wastage of money.

you don't want to be in this situation ...

Nothing beats than home made remedies which are 100% effective and chemical free.

Few remedies which i have been using since ages are:-

1. YOGURT - Apply some curd on your scalp with the help of your fingertips and on your hair and keep it at least for 1 hour. After one hour, wash it off with mild shampoo thoroughly . Do this at least twice a week

Curd act as a good conditioner for hair.. not only dandruff but thickens hair growth too

2.  ALOE VERA GEL - Massage your scalp with aloe vera gel (enough to cover your scalp) and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash it off with warm water. Repeat this every alternate day . ( ALOE VERA NOT ONLY CURE DANDRUFF BUT ALSO PREVENT HAIR FALL AND BALDNESS )

I use Natural's pure aloe vera gel

3. COCONUT OIL & LEMON JUICE - In a bowl, mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 5 tbsp of coconut oil. Mix well and now, with the help of finger tips massage on your scalp and hair as well. Leave this mixture for 1-2 hours and wash it with mild shampoo. Use it at least once a week. ( NEVER USE LEMON JUICE DIRECTLY ON YOUR HAIR , IT MAKE YOUR HAIR LIGHTER IN COLOR. )

Guyz!!! don't keep oil for overnight in your hairs,.... Never 
Never apply lemon juice directly on hair

Mix oil n juice together and apply on roots and hair

I have tried all of them and all are super effective without harming your hair.

TIP :- Don't wash your hair daily, wash them and as when required. If you over washing, then use mild or gentle formula

Hope above remedies works for you. Please leave a comment and let me know your experience or share your tips.


Monday, 4 November 2013

CAMPHOR - Pros n Cons

                                CAMPHOR - Pros n Cons

Heloo again,

This time i'm toking about CAMPHOR pros n cons. Well in my last blog i used CAMPHOR cubes for air freshener so just trying to put more light on the uses of this product.

I discussed it with my grand mother also and she added up some super benefits about CAMPHOR.

As i told you in my last blog, the importance of it in India. It can treat many beauty related problems and skin problems.
  • It can help to cure acne and pimples. You can use camphor oil with the help of cotton ball and apply on acne or pimples. Leave it overnight and within 4 to 5 days, it will subside.
  • If you have skin rashes, apply water dissolvable camphor at the skin rashes area. Try this doing until you notice rashes are going to disappear.
  • Its TRUE, can be used for hair growth as well as fight hair loss. You can use camphor oil and your hair oil ( coconut oil) in same quantity, mix them and apply on your hair roots. Leave it overnight and wash it next day.

Conz: Never apply on BROKEN or recently INJURE SKIN.

Hope this is useful and informative.

Your comments are always welcome.


D-I-Y Air Freshner

                                               D-I-Y Air Freshener

Heyloo gals;

How are you doing? So sorry for posting li'l late , really got stuck with Diwali celebration and had heaps of fun , all biggy biggy thanx to DIWALI 

From last 1 week, we start preparing for Diwali celebration, purchasing decorative stuff from markets, gifting to relatives, buying new dresses n all. So i wanted my house to smell good and obviously, you can purchase room freshener from market. There are n number of freshener are available but i choose to do it myself. 

I don't like strong floral smell , it kinda common and smells bad. So all you need is:


 Method:  Take oil burner and fill the top of the bowl with water. Now, add 2 - 3 drops of camphor oil ( i prefer camphor oil but you can try lavender or aroma oil ) on the water, then place a lighted tea light underneath the bowl.

The room will be filled with peaceful fragrance of camphor oil and water. It is very cost effective and best part, chemical free too.

CAMPHOR in India got very high importance. No ritual can begin without using camphor cubes. Apart from religiously usage, it is used to cure asthma, whooping cough, epilepsy and many more.

So try camphor oil or cubes and let me know your reviews.

Hope this post was useful.

Happy Diwali to everyone. Hope this diwali brings light in your life