Monday 27 January 2014

DIY - Aloe Vera Gel

How to make your own Aloe Vera Gel               at home?

Helo sweeties,

First month is about to get over of 2014, and not a great start for me.. Just lil pissed with the job guys. Hard to find jobs these days.
But no wonder sitting at home and just pampering yourself and taking good care of yourself, not everyone gets to enjoy such relaxation.. i am lucky here.

I am big time fitness freak so i eat protein and few supplements for my internal body also. I generally prefer ALOE VERA Capsules which cost you INR17 rs. for 10 capsules. 
This time thought of making my own gel at home.. Quite simple and super easy and inexpensive way me guys.. just need 25 minutes approx. for this preparation.

All you need:-
2-3 Thick Aloe Vera leaves
Vitamin C tablet or powder
Any essential Oil or Vitamin E
Clean Jar


1. Wash the leaf properly and with the help of thick knife, slice off an outer skin.

2. Peel and scoop out the gel with the spoon and place it into a blender.

3. Also add few drops of Vitamin E oil or some essential oil, Vitamin C powder. Blend it properly

4. Place the gel in a sterilized container clean bottle and preserve for several months in fridge.

And you gel is ready to use...

Have you ever tried? If not, then do try because no matter how many expensive moisturizer you buy, they wont do much good , this home made mixture helps to heal sunburns.

Hope you find this DIY task useful.. 

Maisha Sharma

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Which Alphabet is your Figure like?

Which Alphabet is your Figure like?


This is quite an interesting blog, seriously guys... worth reading...
Waz reading online few days back about this article, i liked it and sharing it with you people..

Actually such concept is being used by South korean women " alphabetisation' , matchinh there bodies with certain letters to identify there shape. It sounds little funny , but personally i liked it.

The Fig-alpha are as:-

"S- line" -  Most desirable letter it is, lol ...Ample Breasts and Buttocks when viewed from the side.
"V- line" - Slim and oval face narrowing towards the chin.
"X- line" - Long Legs and arms connected by a narrow waist.
"U-line" - Shape of woman's back when she wears a low-cut dress.
"D-line" - It denotes pregnant or pregnant looking stomach.
"B-line" - It means Big bust and stomach.
"O-line" - OBESE.

Basically they are reserved for women , But Men can be categorised as "M-line" - Having Six packs
It's a big business in South Korean culture for singers, actoresses often refer to their body lines. For me its U alphabet, wish one day it could be most desirable letter "S-line"

Why don't y'all try and let me know what alphabet represents your FIGURE?
Fun trying...


Sunday 12 January 2014


      Short Trip to TAJ MAHAL

Hey Dolls;

How are you guys? I am extremly sorry fpr posting such a late blog, been super duper busy with Job Interviews, This is something which i hate most, giving interviews.. tough task

Last year we could plan anything with parents, so thought to go for one day trip, So we all decided to go to Agra and see TAJ MAHAL. So want to share my experience, though it was my first trip to see TAJ MAHAL. 


carving on the walls

that's me and my sis..;)

Its a magnificient monument in white marble with historical love story attached to it. Basically this depicts fusion of Indian and Mughal architecture.  This memorial monument made by emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved third wife Mumtaz, an example of how deepey a man loved his wife. He made sure that her memory would never fade away. 

Construction of TAJ MAHAL started in 1631, and it took approx 22years to build this monument. It made use of 22000 labourers and 1000 elephants. The monument was built entirely out of white marble, which was brought in from all over India and  Central Asia. Total expenditure occured approx 32 million rupees (approx US $68000), finally completed in the year of 1653

Despite prevailing contoversies, past and present threats, this epitome of love continuous to shine and attract people from all over the world

Well could not click much pictures because it was tooo much crowded , weekend it was.. may be thats why.
But it was one memorable moment i cant forget...Loved it and would visit again

Sorry for such a long post but just wanted to share my wonderful experience with you guys.

Thursday 2 January 2014

6 Foods to Fight Flab

                          6 Foods to Fight Flab

Hello everyone:

Wishing you all very Happy and Prosperous New Year..

Finally 2013 over, and WELCOME to 2014... i am ready to start a new book of 365 page, how about you?

  Well my 2013 wasn't so good. It was more of bad memories, broken friendships, broken promises and much more. But big big thanx to God, who gave me ways and paths to walk in right direction and made me more patience girl.  Learned lot more from my mistakes and some time situations taught me and thanx to my family        ( well they deserve every appreciation)

This time i'm not gonna make any RESOLUTION FOR 2014, but for sure i am gonna correct myself in few ways ;- BE NICE, BE MYSELF, HONEST ..  

In these 2 last weeks i had soo much in terms of sweet, cakes n puddings ... and has had shoot my weight to 51 kgs..goshhh.. its so killing... Definitely, i am gonna come down to 47 in next 2 weeks for sure.

If you want to cut down your flab too, check this out guys:-

1. Green Tea- Green tea contains antioxidants that destroy body.
2. Yogurt- It contains probiotics which reduces the amount of fat your body absorbs.
3. Peanut Butter- Peanut Butter is a source of magnesium which powers cells to efficiently metabolize energy.
4. Cheese- Dairy products contain conjugated linoleic acid that help your body to burn fat.
5. Avocado- Avocado contains L-carnitine, an amino acid that fires up your body's engine.
6. Eggs- Egg yolk contains Vitamin B12 that helps you body to torch fat. Also, they are super filling and keep away hunger.

Why its soo hard to loose weight... and doesn't take time to put on

So you got any RESOLUTION FOR 2014??

Your weight is UP too??

Share your views guys, would love to know them.

'Once again wishing you Happy New Year.. Godbless You all'  

Loads of love