Sunday 25 May 2014

Crafty Ways to use Denim

        Crafty Ways to use Denim

Hey Dolls;

It is quite obvious that we all got pair of denims, and it's one piece of clothing which keeps getting replaced because of timely fashion. But denim cloth doesn't go waste easily, they still have a lot of life left in them.

I almost got 5 pair of jeans which i bought and just worn 5 or 6 times and they are dump in my closet as it is. I am sure you must have few pairs in your closet like this. So, rather than dumping or giving it to someone your new jeans , there are plenty of crafty and clever ideas o use denim as a piece of decoration. 

Lets check out how, guys:-

Gadget Protector .. With the help of pockets you can make this pouch and keep your gadgets , keys, pens or for other stuff in your purse or bag

Gift Box.. You can make personalised gift box just by pasting denim cloth on hard box and make some design either by lace or glittery pens and , also you can write name on ittt...sounds so cool na

Coasters...Cut a long piece of denim and keep rolling it and gluing it..

Lamp Cover...Just cut abstarct piece and glue it on the lamp shade.

Denim Flip Flops...That's the most coolest way to use it..isn't it...cut denim cloth in small pieces and keep gluing it on slippers to get that cool effect.

Denim Picture Frame.. Use your old denim and start gluing your most loved ones on the denim..and hang this in your room as wall hanging.

Denim Clips.. Cut a small piece of cloth and glue it on clips.

Hope you like these ideas..!!

Maisha Sharma

Wednesday 21 May 2014

New Online Mart is Mart Of China.Com

New Online Mart is Mart Of China.Com


As i was doing usual online shopping browsing i came across this site called, MART OF CHINA.COM. A new mart to shop clothes at very affordable and cheap prices with many choies and style. It is the fact that all the  buyers from all over the world go China  or get their supply online, thus they are the suppliers of many wholesalers and boutiques.

On MART OF CHINA.COM, you will find thousands of products at dam affordable price. Instead of shopping at mall or going to flea market for better bargains or scrounging around for sale items you can get number of options starting at $4...tooo cheap, isn't it..!!

Below are few Clothes/ accessories  which i liked them soo soo much and they all are under $15.

Click here:- Rose Cut Out Long Sleeve Knee length Bodycon Dress

Click here:- Elegant Color Matching High Low Hem Tube Dress

Click Here:- Print Retro Dress with Tank Design

Click here:- V Neck Lace Splicing Navy Dress with zip

Click here:- Wonderful Shirred Waist Scoop Color Split Dress

Click here:- Multicolor  Character Print Long Sleeve Tight Dress

Click here:- A Line Black Mesh Paned Short Sleeve

Click here:- Zipper Fly City Pattern PU Shoulder Bag Red 
Click here:- Dual Use Woman  Faux Leather  Deep Red Backpack

Click here:- Sparkly Sequins Leopard Head Print Black Bag


Click here:- Western Style  Peep Toe Stiletto Super High Heel Pumps

Click here:- Elegant Round Toe Gold Rivets Decoration Black high Heels

Click here:- Classic Pointed Toe Suede Peach Red High Heels 

Click here:- Woman's Suede Fish Mouth Navy & Metallic Chunky Heels

So what you think about collection? 
Let's go for shopping ASAP with very cheap prices and high quality. And what else, they also have HOT SALE now..!!! Happy Shopping gurls..!!!     

Maisha Sharma

Thursday 15 May 2014

Summer time with Sheinside



I love Summers...!!! 
No matter it's hard to survive burning heat but when it comes to shopping, i forget that heat.
 Best part that you can flaunt your body wearing dresses, skirts, tube tops , sarongs and the list goes onnnnn...

Well who doesn't know about SHEINSIDE online shopping. I have chosen few dresses which i found really really very pretty and that made me bit confused that which one i should go for.. These are day time summer dresses. 

Click here: - Blue Contrast Hollow Long Sleeve Eyelash Lace Ruffle Dress 


Click here:- White Sleeveless Bead Plaid Vintage Dress

Click here:- White Sleeveless Porcelain Print Flare Dress

I wish i could buy all three and make my summer rocky.. And the best part is these all are under $30, which is dam cheap. Now adding new stuff for your summer is not at all costly and credit goes to SHEINSIDE..

You can click here:- for more options... And trust me once you check you won't  stop yourself to buy. 
Plz click above link to check.

And not to forget Sheinside offers free shipping worldwide..yipieeeeee... Click the link asap

Your comments will help me to choose one..;)
Maisha Sharma

Friday 9 May 2014

Are You a Shopaholic ??

          Are You a Shopaholic ??

Hey Dolls,

How'z you?
Extremely sorry guys for such a late post and replies. My home is getting constructed and repainted, and everything is in big mess...!!! 

I was very much frustrated with this mess and  settling things with mom and my sis.. So to ease my stress, thought of shopping..!! Sometime you wana shop so eagerly but when you check your budget it makes you upset...That exactly same thing happened with me..Was left with 1000 bucks ( $ 16.67).

Well i am not Brandaholic girl.. I pick up what i like whether its 10 rs or 1000.. But this time budget was extremely less so went to Sarojini Nagar..This is one market where you get very cheap price what you can think of.

Finally after wandering on Sarojini Market streets i bought these, check out:-


I bought this floral tube tunic for 300 Rs. ($5)

Second thing i bought these studded earrings. These hanging earring cost me 150 Rs. ($2.50)

Third item i bought is Floral Jump Suit with lower back cut..I like the back cut .. This cost me 300 Rs. ( $5)

This is the cut i was talking about..Lower Back Cut Floral Jump Suit

Bought these Flower Slippers for 150 Rs. ($2.50). He got pink and blue color also but i like the yellow ones more.

Last, and left with few bucks i bought this spacious kit for my make up.. I know it's not so attractive but atleast it solves my purpose for time cost me 40 Rs. ($ 0.67) 

Well for me these cheap hand picks were great great  and i am superbly satisfied with what i bought.

Hope you like them...Do reply and would love to know-  Are you shopaholic ?You go with brands or random picks?

Hopefully my next blog will be soon...till then Be Stylish....Be Beautiful..!!!

Maisha Sharma


Thursday 1 May 2014

Magical Nail Polishes

Things you can do with Nail Polish


Today i have come up with few ideas to try something creative with nail polish. I got many colorful paints and every second day i change my nail paint.
But in actual these paints not only make your nail look beautiful but also do magic in day to day life.
You don't believe me, then watch:-

1. Prevent a run in your stocking with transparent nail polish.

You are at work or at event and suddenly you notice  run in your tights, then always keep a transparent nail polish in your bag and paint it over the tear. As it hardens, it will stop the run.

2. You can change the jewelry color. 

If you tired or bored of wearing same old color danglers or cocktail ring, change the look by painting the faux jewels with pop of color like neon, orange, pink or chic white shade to create your own DIY version.

3. Paint your regular Bobby Pins

You can amp up your regular boring black bobby pins into glittery jazzy pins by painting with glitter colorful nail paint. 

4. Paint your Keys  

Well, the idea behind the coloring of keys is not to forget which keys goes with what lock. Plus, it makes the key chain more colorful. And don't worry, a coat or two won't interfere with your key slipping into the lock.

5.  Add a pop of color to the sole of your shoe

Use different color nail polish to paint the sole of your shoes. An easy to way to make them look attractive and cool for spring. You can also go for glitter paint with the help of fluffy brush.

Isn't it exciting ideas???  
Hope you like them...Try and make your life more colorful
Happy Thirssst-day

Maisha sharma