Wednesday 1 July 2015

Peach and Pink

                      PEACH AND PINK


Hello everyone..!!!
Wats happening guys? how'z life been treating you?
Anyway, I just got my new gift from BornPrettyStore  i.e. Peach and Pink blush on. well i din't had the one so for me it was perfect gift and saved my money too... The palette is in black color with two shades i.e. peach and pink ..!! I have been using this product from last two weeks and so far it's good and safe. The product is in thick powdery form with small little brush, It's not shiny et all which is good because i don't like shiny powdery form except on my eyes. I think it's a great product for just $11.92 and there is 10% discount once you use code"  MASHK31 ".

Black Case

This is Peach shade..hope this is visible

Peach shade

Hope you like the product? and the shade too. don't forget to order much more latest fashion accessorizes from BornPrettyStore with 10% discount.

Till then Stay Stylish...Stay Beautiful


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