Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Goodbye to DRY LIPS

                        Goodbye to DRY LIPS


Wassup with you guyz?

Apology guyz ...!!! couldnt get enough time to blog from last few weeks because was super busy with job search n interviews and lost internet connection..;(( .... was such a rough time guyz ...!!! Well now i back in action .....bummburhmmmmm

Well, this time i have come up with this irritating, dryness and weird problem of DRY LIPS. Moment weather start changing our body start behaving differently We all face this dryness chappy lips... And then, when you apply lipstick on those chappy broken lips your lipestick comes off and it looks patchy too.. Then your any dam costly cosmetic won't work ... and it happens 

Each one wants soft  n sexy lips.. 

These days there nothing which you can;t buy or get. So many options are availble that actually it confuses too... SO WHAY TO WASTE MONEY WHEN THINGS OR QUICK'Y WAYS ARE AVAILABLE AT HOME

All you need is :

  • COCONUT OIL :- Rub little bit of coconut oil on your lips everyday once you get out of the shower each morning and night. Lips will absorb that oil and in no time will make them soft.

  • PETROLEUM JELLY :-   This is the another easiest and chemical free product , apply it on your lips and leave it for 15 mins and then wipe it off.

  • COCOA BUTTER :- It help to moisturize the lips and also reduces discoloration. Apply for 15 minutes and then wipe it off with clean soft cloth.

I have been using this remedy since ages and they 100 % work with no harm, infact make them more PINKY PINK ... *_*

TIP :- We all love Coffee and Tea in winters but you know what guyz, caffeine is dehydrating. So its better to skip caffeinated drinks and opt for herbal teas which are more better for skin and healthy too.

Any suggestions or comments, most welcome...MISSED YOU GUYZ...!!!


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