Monday, 11 November 2013

Home Remedy for Shoe Bite

                           Home Remedy for Shoe Bite

Hello Dolls,

Today home remedy is very common and i am sure being faced by everyone, SHOE - BITE .... !!!

I know how does that feel when you buy your awsum pair of shoes and you just not comfortable wearing and they leave you with terrible marks on your lower calves , and that look so awful .

Every time you hiding those marks with Bandaid or white tape , infact have seen people applying make up on there feets...Yup, thats true applying face foundation.

Well i am lucky here because of my grand mum. No wonder, we don't listen our elders but when we grow up later we realise there values and there scoldings. 

Feets equally require time and care to look beautiful and soft, guys

It really looks so ugly and weird when you going to buy new pair of sandals and your feet is full of marks...ewww... untolerable !!!

I always and always keep in my mind to apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly inside the areas of the footwear where you know it might give you a bite, it will smoothen the poky edges in the shoe . I am following this remedy from last 7 or 8 years or , you can use Coconut Oil for that purpose too.

Apply jelly in small quantity inside the shoes and leave it over night ..... Before wearing them,  just wipe it off with the help of cotton ball or piece of cloth

Coconut oil also soothens the poky edges of footwear

 Tip;- Don't apply band-aid or white-tape on burns or rashes, apply coconut oil/ almond oil/ anitseptic cream or vaseline. They are more effective and fades away those marks

 Hope this is useful for you....!!!!!



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