Sunday, 15 December 2013

AVON Naturals Body Lotion Review

                        AVON Naturals Body Lotion


As i mentioned in my last post that weather is kinda changing in our country India (Delhi) ,and breeze is more pleasant and in evening temperature drops down. 
My skin is super super dry and i need something on body for winters. I was using Johnson Aloe Vera Oil but thought i should go for some change. My mum has took a membership for this AVON company and i told her to order one Body Lotion and other one,  Hand lotion. 

I can't stay without Lotion or Oil,  so finally after a week i got my order. My order was:

1. Cucumber & Melon hand and body lotion
2.Milk & Honey Hand Cream

This what the Bottle look like.. Cucumber & Melon , and Milk & Honey hand lotion

Price for Cucumber & Melon Lotion is INR 150 for 200 ml and for Milk & Honey lotion INR 99 for 50 ml

                  I liked it very much because Body Lotion (Cucumber & Melon Body lotion) , it smells so great and fresh.  All i felt Cucumber on my whole body and , after one time application you don't feel like applying again.

                            This what Milk & Honey hand lotion looks like...quite handy


                                                              Quite thick cream.. 

Pros:  -

1. I like the packaging and quite handy.

2. Quite affordable as compared to other lotions available in the market.

3. Has a soothing and refreshing fragrance which keeps you fresh for whole day.

4. After one time application no need to apply gain.


1. Not available everywhere or all cosmetics shop.

2. Quantity wise i am not satisfied.

Rating: - 4

I am satisfied with this product though tried out for the first time. For my super dry skin it was perfect and made it more smooth. Every person has different type of skin, for dry people it works out.

What matters that the customer or client should be happy and satisfied , price doesn't matter when it comes to your skin..

I recommend personally for dry skin, till then STAY STYLISH..STAY BEAUTIFUL

Hope this review is helpful.

Please leave a comment and let me know what kind a skin tone you got and what Body lotion you prefer?



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