Thursday, 12 December 2013

Cover up with OOMPHHH

                    Cover up with OOMPHH

Heylo Dolls;

Today's topic reminds me of my school days. I still remember when we use to enter our school premises we use to pull down our socks. HATE WEARING LONG SOCKS ... goshhhh ... never liked them

Fashion keeps changing and repeating. All i believe is BE STYLISH...BE BEAUTIFUL... no matter what season , we ain't compromising. 

Mostly we avoid wearing short skirts and minis, dresses in winters because of BORING BLACK STOCKINGS. I personally never liked them so always preferred bare legs.

Now a days so much beautiful colors are availble in stockings , all you need to do get those Fruity shades, Neons (these colors are not only reserved for summers), Watermelon Pink
 or Canary yellow and get set go...


Anything or Everything with colorful Stockings

Spunk up your colorful stockings with right kinda accessory to get that sexy look...\

Leopard print are always in weather they are stockings, blazers, leggings or blouse... isn't it???

now that's amazing..Tattoo stocking ...TATTOOS YOUR MOM WONT GET MAD ABOUT..;)


I am gonna try  Pink stocking with my skater skirt, TIME TO PLAY WITH COLORS'''' 
Lemme know what color you would go for and with what  dress? I'll be more excited to see your pictures with new style..;)

Hope you like it..;)


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