Friday, 20 December 2013

How to fix broken Make Up products - MASCARA

             What If, Mascara dries out???

Hey girls,

Every girl loves make up and these days make up products are much costly than your clothes..actually it is..!!!

I had seen may people throwing there make up products, thou they are in good condition instances like lip stick is broken or nail paint goes thick and many more. Frankly, i cant afford so much for my cosmetics. 
Why to waste money unnecessarily guys, when you just need to put little extra effort to get it correct. 

A month back i got mascara (Maybelline) and now only after a month use. i can't use it smoothly. I believe because of winters they dry out fast. Well, obviously i am not gonna dump it for sure so all you need is :

Warm Water in a Cup

dip your tube in luke warm water

 Dip your mascara tube in luke warm water and keep it for 5 - 10 minutes. Now, twist open to use liquid smooth mascara.


It's quite effective guys and it now it works so well and perfect. 

I guess whether you but Maybelline or Chanel or Chambor products, they all got the same problem of drying out so fast. Aniways, what do you do when your mascara dries out? Any better suggestion ??

Hope this helpful...!!!!


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