Sunday, 22 December 2013

DIY - Lip Balm

                     DIY - Home Made Lip Balm 

Hey Gals,

How's sunday treating you?? 

Sunday is the only day to pamper yourself...isn't it.. at least for working women
We girls got so many things to take care of, for instance hair, eyes, skin, clothes....  goshhhh makes you crazy at time.  But we tend to ignore our Lips .

Our sexy and soft lips makes smile more beautiful , and lips are the most best feature of our face. Winters really make everything dull and  itchy. No matter how much you spend on lotions or creams or lip balms , they are no good. Nothing beats home made remedies which are 100% more effective, healthy and cheap.

So all you need is: 

1, Vaseline
2. Vitamin E Capsules
3. Beetroot juice
4. Small cylindrical tube or handy box

Method:-  Take a pan on a simmer flame and pour Vaseline on it.. allow it to melt..After jelly gets melted, add 2 capsules of Vitamin E and 1 teaspoon of Beetroot juice ( for Pinkish color) or you can add pinch Cocoa Powder (for Brown Color tint), well i used juice. Stir the mixture well till the ingredients blend well and then, immediately turn of the flame . Lastly, pour the mixture in small box or container and allow it to cool or freeze. Home made lip balm is ready to use....!!!!

Thats's how it looks like ...

Color looks perfect ... For boys, they can add coco powder for brown color.

Apply it everyday whenever you think your lips are dry. Naturally it will make them pink and soft. 

Tip:- Avoid licking your lips, it make them more worse. When you lick, you licking natural oils out of the skin of your lips and that evaporates drying out of the skin.

Hope this work for you in winters.;)) 


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