Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How to Get rid of Black Armpit

Wass up Guyz...!!!

Watz hapninng..!!! I love Autumn season in fact its more pleasant and better than winters and summers.

But over winters i prefer Summers bout u guys?

I am purely gym-a-holic gal and its usual to wear tank tops or spaghetti in gym but what-if- your armpit is bit noooo

That  is so weird guyz...  Infact i use razors by Satin Care and thats perfectly fine. But these regular shavings make armpit little dark

Quite safer & simpler to use everyday
I shave regularly guys because i wear sleeve less tops more but it has rely made my armpit so bad in colour and freaky too.

The day i started this home made remedy told by mum , tried and tested for few days and quickly thought of sharing it with you...All you need is Potato to whiten your underarm.


Scrub  the thin slice of potato on affected area  or you can also make the juice out from potato and apply to the area and let it dry. And yea its juz not irritating  to your skin so after 5 to 7 mins wash it off with a spalsh of lukewarm water .

Do it for 3 or 4 times in a week guyz for better result. I have made it as a part of rotuine work because i cant avoid shaving.

Hope this review is helpful for you

Please leav a comment and let me know what you do to make your armpit white.




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    1. hey:
      lemon does work but gives you bit of burning sensation..!!
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