Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Reverse your Grey Hair

       Homemade Remedy for Grey Hair

Hey Friends;

Today i am gonna share my secret with you a home remedy to reverse your Grey hair.

This is the biggest problem i got. I got grey hair and i'm so fed up with is problem. Facts says grey hair are caused due to lack of sleep, fooding habits, stress, genetic disorder and bla bla...
Well who knows whats the main problem but this rely pisses me off. It puts you in such a embaraasing situation when your friends tell you, Girl- you got white hair''' ewwww...grrrrr !!!

From last 2 years , i have been using colour- Loreal Dark Brwon without Amonia ... And i wash my hair quite frequently so it doesn't stay for so long. Seroisly, i have really damaged my hairs
So, finally asked my grandma for some home made ready for grey hair and she told me quite amazing and quite simpler ones. And i'm gonna share those with you:-

All you need 



1. Take 4-5 potatoes and peel them.

2. Take a bowl and put those peels in that bowl and add 2 cups of cold water.

3. Put the bowl on simmer flame, bring to a boil and keep it for 5-7 min.

4. Now place the pan away from stove and let it cool

5. Lastly, strain the water and put in a container for daily use.  

Use it as after shampoo rinse on regular basis.

You will notice the change within week only.

Its working for me hope it does for you too. If you try out post a comment and let me know your experience

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