Monday, 28 October 2013

Homemade Rose Water

                                      Homemade Rose Water

Heya Beauties;

Today i am gonna tell you how to make home made rose water. 

Rose Water is a little wonder water. It hydrates, tones, tightens pores, is great for your skin…and smells good. But in times, even when fruits and vegetables are not spared of adulteration it is difficult to trust Rose Water in various brands available in the market .

Well, nothing beats homemade rose water and this is one of the purest form of rose water with benefits.

In short, it is a great Magical liquid

All you need :-

Fresh picked Rose Petals

Distilled Water


1. Take one bowl of fresh picked rose petals, not the stem and leaves. (Guys, before you start the steps, clean the petals thoroughly to remove bugs or any chemical sprayed on them.)


Dipped petals in a pot

2. Now, take a pot and pour those rose petals in that pot. And, add enough distilled water to cover the petals 

3. Now cover the pot with a lid and put on a simmer flame. The water should be steaming hot not the boilng hot.                     

On simmer flame

4. Check the pot after after 15 - 20 min, until the petals have lost their colour and the water has taken on the colour of the rose petals.

5. You will see the rose oil floating on the surface

6. Lastly, strain the rose water in a container and let it cool.
After strain ...that's how it looks like
Hope you follow this homemade rose water and stay rosey rosey..:)

You suggestions n comments are always welcome...!!!


Maisha Sharma

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