Thursday, 24 October 2013

Green Tea - Eye Pack & Cleanser

                                                                            Green Tea - Eye Pack & Cleanser

Hey Girliesss,

Many of us use green tea only for the drinking but did not know that green tea act as the beauty enhancer. Green tea has the detoxifying properties. They detoxify the face and the skin. I never knew that...!!! Green tea is bitter to the taste but it is sweet to the skin

We are always concerned about our eye.. ain't we? Eyes always hold a special place. And really how many problem factors we have for the eyes - dull & tired eyes, dark circles, wrinkles, puffy eyes, crow's feet and many more.

I am sure each one of us would have individual eye-care products to look after our dear eyes. 

I too love pampering my eyes with special products developed for them and hence, picked up this home made Green Tea remedy.

All you need :-

EYE PACK:- 2 Green Tea Bags

                   - 1/2 Boiled Water

Method - Run two green tea bags under hot water and when they have cooled down a bit, place one on each eye for two minutes.

The tanning in tea bags has been proven to reduce swelling and dark circles.


CLEANSER: -  2 Green Tea Bags

                     - 1/2 Boiled Water 

                     -  Liquid Face Wash ( Not in gel or creamy form)

Method - Take 2 green tea bags in a bowl and soak in 1/2 boiled water for 20 seconds. Now, after 20 seconds, cut the bag open and pour the contents into a bowl  full of hot water . You can also add a liquid face wash to mix for some texture. Now, apply evenly, massage and wash

Hope this was helpful . Thank you for reading



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