Tuesday, 22 October 2013

De-stress with Glow pack

                 De-stress with Glow pack


From last few days i am not able to sleep properly and then, my gym schedule my studies all are affecting pretty much. And thats quite obvious guys if you not able to sleep properly your whole next day ruins and so does your work.
 And i got  this habit that i cant sleep in a day time. Just because off all this my face started looking so dull and bad.  

Again, its a big tension when you don't look so beautiful...isn't it ??

So i tried this  home made glow back pack. This pack include natural scrubs and cleansers that can use to exfolaite and de-stress with a  massage.

All you need is :-

- Brown Sugar

- Your everday Moisturiser

- Milk

- Honey
Brown Sugar

Method:-  Take a  bowl, and cut open three sachets of granulated brown sugar into it. Now add a  dash of milk and a  dollop of your everyday moisturizer, along with 2 teaspoon of honey. Now whip it well.
Use the thick mix as a scrub

If you want to store the pack for later days, skip the milk and just save the sugar and moisturiser mix in a container.

I don't see any con of using Brown Sugar ,act as a natural face scrub to exfoliate your face.

Its inexpensive and without any hassles.

If you want soft glowing skin without any spots, then you must try this.

Hope this post was helpful for you.
Thanks for reading. :)


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