Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Home Remedy for White Teeth

Hey galz;

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This time i have come up with another major part of our body which we don't follow or take precaution is TEETH

Seriously its so yuck yuck and weird when we see our teeths turning yellow. Its so fuuny that you cant even laugh or smile
I drink soo much of coffee and tea and on daily basis that i cant avoid these for sure but it got yellowish colour on muh teeths :(

All you need to get your super big smile is:

1.Bananna Peel


2. Olive Oil and cotton ball

Next time when you or anybody in your family eat bannana , just dont throw its skin.

Seroisly guys you must try this. I dint believed till i tried myself. So I try at first and then post for you guys without any second thought.

I personally dont like bannana infact cant even take that smell....ewwww

What you need to do is rub the inside peel on your teeth for two minutes twice a day and rinse well.


Another safe method is Olive Oil. Take cotton ball dipped in olive oil and apply to your teeth for two or three minutes before you brush your teeth in the morning

Try them doing three times in a week and you ll see the biggy biggy difference.

I am too doing every alternate day without avoiding my cold coffee or tea and sooo happy and satisfied with this safer remedy.

BE CAREFUL: Guys if you using Baking Soda as a white teethner remedy than it got a side effect too. So make sure use an effective and safer method.
Baking soda is slightly abrasive to the teeth's enamel , and if used repeatedly it can weaken the enamel.

Stay Safe... Stay Healthy...!!!

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