Friday, 14 March 2014

Trendy Chunks

                                               TRENDY CHUNKS

Hiii everybody;

To day i have come up with some interesting blog.. People who fond of trendy jewelry, i am sure they gonna love it.

As i said i am pretty much fond of jewelry and where ever i go for shopping. i tend to pick some chunks. 
I am goona list few metal and beaded neck pieces. If anyone interested to purchase such pieces in bulk or interested in such kinda options, shoot me an email @ I will show you more option of neck pieces, bailey chain - rings - bracelet  - toe rings - armlet - anklet in my next blog.. I can also show you gold plated jewelry options, on request.

With this neck piece you get the earrings. .. Its cost INR 250 ( 4.07 USD )

Butterfly neck piece .. Cost - INR 700 ( 11.41 USD )

String Neck piece ... Cost - INR 400 ( 6.52 USD )

Layers neck chain... Cost -  INR 500 ( 8.15 USD )

Yellow Stone chain ... Cost - INR 350 ( 5.70 USD)

Coin Neck chain... Cost - INR 550 ( 8.96 USD)

Shiny Black Beaded Chain.... Cost - INR 450 ( 7.33 USD)

Multiple Layerd chain...Cost - INR 350 ( 5.70 USD )

Sorry for poor picture quality...!!

Such pieces can be worn in your day-to-day routine. I'll show you more heavy ethnic jewelry options in my coming soon blog. We indians are very much obsessed with jewelry. It's kinda part of our culture. 

Such accessorizes can add to your personality and make you look elegant.
Till then,  BE STYLISH...BE BEAUTIFUL ...!!!

Hope you like it...!!!
Your comments always welcomed.

Maisha Sharma

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