Wednesday, 19 March 2014


  Lovin@Bloglovin, GFC going away

Wazz Up there;

You guessed it right guys, what's gonna be topic of my blog.. Just created this bloglovin id and done with GFC...

Don't understand whats wrong with GFC, i was pretty much in love with this app. Quite easy and convenient to follow. But from last one week i am facing problem with GFC. Every time i try following others via GFC, it gives me some kinda error message "Sorry, try adding up next time or later "...

Aniways won't drag this topic much but plzzz if someone knows how to fix this problem, plzzzz do let me know ... And and, my id for bloglovin is , and icon is kinda


   Sorry folks, couldn't follow you before because of GFC  problem, but i think mostly 90 pcnt of bloggers using  Bloglovin. Aniways, plzz leave your comments with your bloglovin id and i immediately follow you...

Maisha Sharma


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