Saturday, 29 March 2014

DIY - Hair Band

                  DIY - Hair Band

Helo Girlies,

Weekend on the way ...!!!!
what are your plans for this weekend?
I am planning to watch movie at friends place with chilled beer...!!! Weather is absolutely rocking in Delhi..Bit windy and slightly drizzle

Today i have come up with creative craft work. It actually not a  lengthy task or time involved, you just need waste lace, matching or contrast ribbon, and needle.

I made pink color lace hair band with red ribbon , let me leave you with pictures that would be easier to understand:-

Satin Red Ribbon

Waste Lace

Put the needle in the lace at one end and bring it after a distance of 2 cms and put it again in to the lace

Repeat the above step and stitch it till the other end by keeping the distance of 2 cms

And that's how DIY - Home made hair band looks like

  Hope you like it..?  It hardly took ten minutes and infact, you can try with different color lace and wear them at gym or with your dress or shorts.

Try and let me know guys...? Have a rocking weekend..!!

Maisha Sharma

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