Thursday, 1 May 2014

Magical Nail Polishes

Things you can do with Nail Polish


Today i have come up with few ideas to try something creative with nail polish. I got many colorful paints and every second day i change my nail paint.
But in actual these paints not only make your nail look beautiful but also do magic in day to day life.
You don't believe me, then watch:-

1. Prevent a run in your stocking with transparent nail polish.

You are at work or at event and suddenly you notice  run in your tights, then always keep a transparent nail polish in your bag and paint it over the tear. As it hardens, it will stop the run.

2. You can change the jewelry color. 

If you tired or bored of wearing same old color danglers or cocktail ring, change the look by painting the faux jewels with pop of color like neon, orange, pink or chic white shade to create your own DIY version.

3. Paint your regular Bobby Pins

You can amp up your regular boring black bobby pins into glittery jazzy pins by painting with glitter colorful nail paint. 

4. Paint your Keys  

Well, the idea behind the coloring of keys is not to forget which keys goes with what lock. Plus, it makes the key chain more colorful. And don't worry, a coat or two won't interfere with your key slipping into the lock.

5.  Add a pop of color to the sole of your shoe

Use different color nail polish to paint the sole of your shoes. An easy to way to make them look attractive and cool for spring. You can also go for glitter paint with the help of fluffy brush.

Isn't it exciting ideas???  
Hope you like them...Try and make your life more colorful
Happy Thirssst-day

Maisha sharma



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