Friday, 9 May 2014

Are You a Shopaholic ??

          Are You a Shopaholic ??

Hey Dolls,

How'z you?
Extremely sorry guys for such a late post and replies. My home is getting constructed and repainted, and everything is in big mess...!!! 

I was very much frustrated with this mess and  settling things with mom and my sis.. So to ease my stress, thought of shopping..!! Sometime you wana shop so eagerly but when you check your budget it makes you upset...That exactly same thing happened with me..Was left with 1000 bucks ( $ 16.67).

Well i am not Brandaholic girl.. I pick up what i like whether its 10 rs or 1000.. But this time budget was extremely less so went to Sarojini Nagar..This is one market where you get very cheap price what you can think of.

Finally after wandering on Sarojini Market streets i bought these, check out:-


I bought this floral tube tunic for 300 Rs. ($5)

Second thing i bought these studded earrings. These hanging earring cost me 150 Rs. ($2.50)

Third item i bought is Floral Jump Suit with lower back cut..I like the back cut .. This cost me 300 Rs. ( $5)

This is the cut i was talking about..Lower Back Cut Floral Jump Suit

Bought these Flower Slippers for 150 Rs. ($2.50). He got pink and blue color also but i like the yellow ones more.

Last, and left with few bucks i bought this spacious kit for my make up.. I know it's not so attractive but atleast it solves my purpose for time cost me 40 Rs. ($ 0.67) 

Well for me these cheap hand picks were great great  and i am superbly satisfied with what i bought.

Hope you like them...Do reply and would love to know-  Are you shopaholic ?You go with brands or random picks?

Hopefully my next blog will be soon...till then Be Stylish....Be Beautiful..!!!

Maisha Sharma


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