Sunday, 25 May 2014

Crafty Ways to use Denim

        Crafty Ways to use Denim

Hey Dolls;

It is quite obvious that we all got pair of denims, and it's one piece of clothing which keeps getting replaced because of timely fashion. But denim cloth doesn't go waste easily, they still have a lot of life left in them.

I almost got 5 pair of jeans which i bought and just worn 5 or 6 times and they are dump in my closet as it is. I am sure you must have few pairs in your closet like this. So, rather than dumping or giving it to someone your new jeans , there are plenty of crafty and clever ideas o use denim as a piece of decoration. 

Lets check out how, guys:-

Gadget Protector .. With the help of pockets you can make this pouch and keep your gadgets , keys, pens or for other stuff in your purse or bag

Gift Box.. You can make personalised gift box just by pasting denim cloth on hard box and make some design either by lace or glittery pens and , also you can write name on ittt...sounds so cool na

Coasters...Cut a long piece of denim and keep rolling it and gluing it..

Lamp Cover...Just cut abstarct piece and glue it on the lamp shade.

Denim Flip Flops...That's the most coolest way to use it..isn't it...cut denim cloth in small pieces and keep gluing it on slippers to get that cool effect.

Denim Picture Frame.. Use your old denim and start gluing your most loved ones on the denim..and hang this in your room as wall hanging.

Denim Clips.. Cut a small piece of cloth and glue it on clips.

Hope you like these ideas..!!

Maisha Sharma

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