Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Which Alphabet is your Figure like?

Which Alphabet is your Figure like?


This is quite an interesting blog, seriously guys... worth reading...
Waz reading online few days back about this article, i liked it and sharing it with you people..

Actually such concept is being used by South korean women " alphabetisation' , matchinh there bodies with certain letters to identify there shape. It sounds little funny , but personally i liked it.

The Fig-alpha are as:-

"S- line" -  Most desirable letter it is, lol ...Ample Breasts and Buttocks when viewed from the side.
"V- line" - Slim and oval face narrowing towards the chin.
"X- line" - Long Legs and arms connected by a narrow waist.
"U-line" - Shape of woman's back when she wears a low-cut dress.
"D-line" - It denotes pregnant or pregnant looking stomach.
"B-line" - It means Big bust and stomach.
"O-line" - OBESE.

Basically they are reserved for women , But Men can be categorised as "M-line" - Having Six packs
It's a big business in South Korean culture for singers, actoresses often refer to their body lines. For me its U alphabet, wish one day it could be most desirable letter "S-line"

Why don't y'all try and let me know what alphabet represents your FIGURE?
Fun trying...


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