Thursday, 12 November 2015

My Happy First DIWALI


Hello all;

Howdy  my friends???  How was your Diwali friends if you celebrated? It was my first diwali after my marriage and I was very much excited and prepared... my preparations started 2 weeks before..I bought gifts for all my new family members and for my parents...decorated home with lights.. how can I forget myself I bought a  yellow silk suit with embroidery on it with a new pair of earrings. ..we  also made rangoli at home... Rangoli is basically art or a design on your floor with the help of dry colors or you can use paint colors..All the cousins and friends came over to my place for Diwali celebrations. We had dinner and in the end celebrated this festival by doing some Fireshots.This Diwali was my most memorable moments !!!

Decorated home with Marigold flowers

Feeling  so positive with new relations

Hotties ready to pose - clik clikkk

Best part of Diwali - fireworkssss

Friends & cousins in ethinic wear for Diwali celebration

Random road selfie@2am..still so fresh

Home Sweet Home

Hope you like them? Do share your Diwali moments or how did you celebrated Diwali?

Til then Be Stylish...Be Beautiful...!!!



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