Thursday, 16 April 2015



Hi girl's;

Wassup? How'd your weekend go??

This weekend my plan was to pamper my self.. and i enjoyed my day thoroughly.. Got my wax, manicure, pedicure, hair spa done... wow, it waz so relaxing and stressful.. i guess it's very important to take them every month, just to destress yourself. 

Just a suggestion friends, once you take pedicure don't ever use colored nail paints because they turn out your nails yellow .. So rather than coloring them you can go for French nail paint. And its so easy to do them at home. Actually took 5 minutes to make my feets look beautiful. NO NEED OF NAIL ART PENS OR STICKERS , all you need is :-

*White nail paint

*Ear bud stick
*White transparent nail paint



Dip the bud into bottle

Apply the solution on your nail tips.

After applying white paint, now apply transparent paint

Finally, you can see the results.

Now, no need to spend $10 - $15 where with these few options you can make them look gorgeous. Hope you like my quick trick to make your feets beautiful..till then BE STYLISH... BE BEAUTIFUL



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