Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spring brings Fun ..!!!

Get-Together with Family & Couzins

Hey cutie pies,
How you'all?

This weekend my cousins came from London, they staying in Brighton and we had wonderful time after so long. They came to India after ten years. So you can imagine the excitement and curiosity. So we all decided to catch up at Ashoka Hotel for lunch. 

I was counting minutes when will i get to see to my cousins and there little ones. They all elder to me and married. Now, the biggest challenge is WHAT-TO-WEAR...?? This question always troubles no matter i got 2 almirah for my clothes. 

So finally after 20 minutes of thought i decided to pick my Vero Moda spring collection 2014 cotton tunic. I got this dress 2 weeks back from there Spring Collection. I like the print and the color that attracted me. Two brand are my all time favorite - Zara & Vero Moda.

Dress - Vero Moda & Sandals - Kala Niketa

The Print is summery and color too..

I randomly picked up this light brown color wedge...

My cousin and his little one.. Most naughtiest amongst  their three children

Everyone busy cliking pictures.. We met after soooo long.. so saving memorable moments

She's the second one 'Molly'... Cutest and adorable

I was so much enjoying with these little kids.. they actually ate my head

In the end, how can i forget my pictures.. We did silly photo shoot with sis.. was just cliking our pictures.



   Hope you like my dress?? And had wonderful blessful weekend... How was your's? What did you do on you on weekend?

Maisha Sharma

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